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WILI Heat Bags

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

Filled with lupins gives them a low odour when heated meaning they don’t create that burnt wheat smell over time like tradition heat packs can. Made with 100% cotton fabric with stunning prints makes these heat packs stylish and fun! Lupins retain their heat for longer, give a lovely even weight throughout the back when placed on the body and do not sweat when heated. All heat packs can also be used as a cold pack. Simply place into a zip lock bag and place into freezer. The zip lock bag protects the lupins from any moisture damage. Being available in different sizes and shapes there is something suited for everyone.

Backs Wraps: Designed to target cramps, lower back aches and pains. With 8 individual panels sewn into the wrap the weight is evenly distributed. The wrap has a fully adjustable strong Velcro so secure the wrap in place to ensure no slipping.

Sizing Guide: Small- 6-10 Medium- 12-14 Large- 16-18 X Large- 18+ Sizing based on ladies sizing.

Neck Wraps: This ‘U’ shaped neck wrap is designed with 5 individual panels sewn in, to give even weight across the neck and shoulders. The ergonomic design hugs the neck and shoulders providing even heat throughout the area. Such a great product to use to decrease stiffness, headaches, migraines, aches and pain of the shoulders, neck and head. Wrap weight: 1kg

Rectangle: This simple design can be used on many areas of the body, such as lower back, abdomen, elbows, shoulders, ankles and knees. A great universal heat pack to have in the medical cupboard for those sporting injuries, headaches, stiff muscles or to simply heat up the bed on a cold night. Measuring 38x18cm

Eye Pillows: These fantastic eye pillows are a hay fever suffers delight! Weighting at 250g it provides a pleasant pressure across the eyes blocking out any light and creating a sense of calm. Being used as a cold pack this can decrease the inflammation of the sinuses which can be experienced through harvest as well as cold & flu season.

Handwarmers: These cute hand warmers are a great gift for kids, the oldies and for teachers who need to do the early morning yard duty! Used as a heat pack they can be held in the hands to keep the fingers warm and increase blood circulation. Great for arthritis! Used as a cold pack, kids love these to place on smaller injuries such as knocks and bruises. The great patterns on the fabric makes them fun!

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