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Talk Me Through A Session

A session at The Holistic Nest starts as soon as you walk through the door. As you step into the waiting room you will smell 100% pure essential oils in the air to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Shelves are filled with organic and natural products from all-natural deodorants, muscles rubs, essential oils, heat packs, naturopathic oral drops for emotional management and more!

A little table is designated for you to sign in & sanitise your hands.

Whilst waiting on the comfortable chairs and reading a magazine (if you choose to do so) your therapist will come and greet you with a warming hello and smile. As you go through to the treatment room you will notice a massage table on your left and a desk off to your right. This is where you will have a discussion with your therapist about your problematic areas. Your therapist will do an overall assessment for your range of movement to then tailor the treatment to your needs. This will then be discussed with you for consent prior to treatment. You will then head over to the table and prepare for your treatment. As you do this the therapist will be taking notes of your assessment.

You will feel comfortable and warm with the electric blanket and fresh fluffy towels, (all towels are changed between clients) Calm and soft music will be playing in the background.

Your therapist will then start the massage and checking in with you during the treatment with pressures and discomfort. There is minimal conversation as the time on the table is time for you to switch off and relax, rejuvenate and heal. When the treatment has come to an end the therapist will ask you to take your time to get off of the table and get changed. The therapist will be at the desk during this time taking notes of the session for record keeping. You will then be offered a glass of water. A short discussion post treatment will give you the opportunity to express any concerns or ask questions. Depending on your individual circumstances your therapist may show you some stretches to do at home (for remedial only). Payment of treatment and rebooking is done and you’re on your way out of the facility feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and calm.

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