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Q&A With Little Henny!

A farmer’s wife, mum & teacher doing what she loves! Helen Parker is a resident of a beautiful farm in Tutye, Victoria, Australia.

In a perfectly designed studio, she creates stunning handmade polymer clay jewellery to bring joy to her community.

The Holistic Nest was blessed to collaborate with Little Henny in a workshop.

Get to know this inspiring, caring lady and check out what she has been up to in the far paddock of her farm!

Why jewellery?

“Handmade jewellery- because it makes people feel good! My goal is starting the business was to offer affordable, eco conscious jewellery for woman in my rural community.”

What is the best part of your business? “The best part of my business is seeing customers hearing my jewellery. I ALWAYS notice a Little Henny piece, even if I don’t draw attention to it. I love how customers can really bring out the best in a necklace, pair of earrings, as if it were created especially for them. It’s the best feeling.’ If you would give someone advice about jewellery, what would it be? “Advice about making jewellery would be to look at what you already have around you and working that into your designs. Whether that be incorporating old beads, something recycled or drawing inspiration from your landscape. Advice about wearing jewellery would be that its ok to mix grandma’s heirloom pearls with something handmade or modern. Just choose the pieces that you love and feel comfortable in.”

Do you have a life moto, phrase or saying? “Do what you love & love what you do!”

Check out Helen’s website for more on her beautiful creations at

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