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Written By Alisha the Founder and Chief Formulator at Naughty Naturopath Mum.

I'm on a mission to create awareness of the impact your emotions and stress levels have on your physical body.
Your emotional health controls your physical health and while it's super important to look after what goes into, and onto, your body…think how much sleep you get, how much movement you do, how you nourish your skin and so on…it's really like pouring water into a holey bucket if you're not addressing and supporting your emotional health.

So if you're on the look out for some tools, techniques, and products to help bring some emotional and spiritual balance into your life then guess what – you're in the right place and I'm so happy you're here!

Firstly, I want to welcome you to the world of flower essences!

Secondly, I want to address the most commonly made mistake if new to flower essences which is: they are NOT essential oils. I love essential oils too but flower essences are very different to oils. Flower Essences are an energy medicine (also known as a vibrational remedy), taken via drops in the mo

uth and are all about moving stuck energy and stuck emotions to make way for a more balanced mind and body. They are water based and contain NO essential oils or fragrance. There is no physical component of the flower left in the flower essence remedies (so are very non-reactive) and along with the carrier of pure distilled water, they simply contain the energetic imprint of the flower which can have an amazing and profound effect on our energy body.

Emotions (e-motion is energy in motion!) get stuck if we simply don't have the time, the experience or knowledge to process them properly as they occur. Shifting this stuck energy is an amazing transformation for the mental and physical body. Moving these emotions through can completely change how we are reacting to something in our present. It can change how our body is feeling and physically reacting and it can make us feel lighter! Moving old energy through is like a spring clean of our body and soul.

To put it simply, energy can stagnate in our cells and using the flower essences to move things through and perform this spring clean can have such an amazing affect on your thoughts and physic

al body. They can also be used to keep the energy moving when we experience emotions that are pretty 'full on' at the time and help us safely process and release them rather than adding more stuck energy to our systems.

The blends are taken orally via 7 drops at a time (dosage is the same for all ages) and act fastest by going straight into the mouth or under the tongue (where they are absorbed into the bloodst

ream via our sub lingual glands) or they can also be put in a glass of water or drink bottle which can be very handy for kids if they decide they don't want drops going in their mouth (The mists can also be used in this case as well!) And it's a good idea to pop the drops in a water bottle for extra emotional support during the day.
Best to leave eating or brushing teeth about 5 mins either side of taking them so as not to interfere with their absorption.

Kids, adults and animals all benefit from the transformational effect of taking and using flower essences and they are so safe and non invasive which makes them so incredibly versatile.

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