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Keeping Your Essential Oils Safe

Essential oils do NOT like heat.

Have you noticed your essential oils changing scent? They just don't smell nice anymore, as though they have gone "off"? Are you keeping them in a cool dark place? It is a fact that essential oils so not like heat over 32 degrees celsius. Certain oils such as lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, bergamot and orange are very sensitive to the heat whether in a blend or an absolute.

High heat exposure, moisture & direct sun light results in the oils gong rancid. It is advised not to use rancid essential oils as it can change the composition of the oil and may cause advert reactions.

So how do we keep our little bottles of natures power safe? Well, I put mine in the fridge during heat waves. I use to do this on the stations when the weather became extremely hot. Essential oils also like dark rooms as sunlight can be damaging.

Something else to keep an eye on is how tight the lids are on the oils. Oxidisation changes the healing properties and scent of the oils, so best to keep the lids completely closed and firming tightened.

Look after our essential oils so they look after us!

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