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Get to know me!

After moving to Port Augusta & having such an amazing influx of new clients over the past 8 months, its time for another introduction.

Name- Adele, also known as Del

Why I started my business- Having worked on cattle & sheep stations in NT, SA & Nothern WA, I know first hand how important it is to maintain a healthy body, not only physically but also mentally. I have also been exposed to body work modalities since about the age of 10 for phsycial and mental maintainence. In 2017 (whilst cooking for a SA sheep station) I decided to learn the ropes of the trade and give back to the rural comunity so they can also experience the vast benefits of massage therapy & body work.

When I'm not working you can find me-

Spending time with my daughter exploring surrounding areas, supporting local cafes, cooking in the kitchen or attending to the long list of parent responsabilities.

My favourite food- This is a bit of a tricky one, as there isnt much I dont eat. I do love a good roasted vegetable focaccia, smashed avo or pasta dish.

My favourite way to relax is- Getting out in nature! To slow down and just breathe in the fresh air, to appreciate the beauty around us.

The best thing I love about my job-

Is to use the knowlege I have to assist clients in feeling better within themselves. To get to know clients, where they have been, what they do and what they love in life. To hold space for them to relax, breathe & calm thier mind & to see the progress of their treatments.

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