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Detox Bath Salts

I don't know about you but I love a relaxing bath. More so.... I LOVE a bath that has NO HARSH CHEMICALS & that my body can benefit from. So I'll let you in on a little secret... Its not hard to make your of beneficial no harsh chemical bath salts and it doesn't hav to cost and arm & leg!

Simply combine the following in a bowl and chuck it straight into your bath water. -1 cup of epsom salts

-1/2 cup bicarb -5-8 drops of your favourite essential oil(s)

Mix into the water.

How simple is that right? But a little more on the benefits...

Epsom salts: -Eases stress & relaxes the body

-Decreases muscle aches & pains -Assists in effective use of insulin -Eliminates toxins from the body -Decreases blood pressure

-Regulates nerve function Bicarb (Sodium Bicarbonate): -Relieves tension & pain

-Promotes perspiration

-Boosts circulation

-Encourages healing

-Soothes & relieves yeast infection symptoms

Suggested essential oils & benefits: -Lavender- Calming, soothing, sleep assist, skin nourishing.

-Geranium- enhance circulation, soothes symptoms of menstruation & menopause, reduce blood pressure & pain.

-Lemon- Reduce anxiety & depression, ease morning sickness, relieves pain, wound healing, improved cold symptoms.

Warning: DO NOT USE IF you have open wounds and moisturise your skin after the bath as the salt & bicarb can dry the skin.

The Holistic Nest does not claim to heal or treat any health/skin conditions. If you are unsure of these ingredients please seek advice from your health professional.

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