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Common Questions

If you are new to The Holistic Nest you may be able to find the answer to a question here.

  • CAN I CLAIM MY PRIVATE HEALTH? Yes you can for remedial treatments only. You will receive a receipt with the allocated provider number so you can claim it via your app or health fund.

  • WILL THE MASSAGE HURT? Your massage therapist will work within your pain threshold. If there is too much pressure applied, the body contacts against the therapist's hands and can cause stress within the body resulting in decreased benefits of the massage. Communication between the therapist and client is important when you are a new client as the therapist will not know your preferred pressures.

  • DO I NEED TO GET FULLY UNDRESSED? The client MUST wear their undies/jocks at all times. If a woman is happy to take her bra off, she is more than welcome to do so, if not, the therapist will unclip the bra whilst working on the back. If you're only receiving a massage to your back, shoulders and neck you are welcome to leave you pants on if you find it comfortable.

  • WILL MY BODY BE COVERED? YES! Your body will be covered with clean towels. It is only the area that is getting treated that will be exposed.

  • WHAT DO I NEED TO DO BEFORE MY APPOINTMENTS? If not showered we like clients to arrive clean to maintain our high standard of hygiene. We prefer no strong deodorants or perfumes.

DO I NEED TO BRING ANYTHING? We encourage clients to bring a bottle of water to their appointments as many find themselves thirsty post a treatment. Hydration is very imported after any massage.

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