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Change of season illness?

Updated: Apr 12

Do you find yourself getting sick every autumn or spring? Do you get those heavy head headaches and throbbing sinuses?

I will let you in on some secrets I use to get me through that time of year we cant escape from.

I am one of those who suffer each change of season, with is resulting in a head cold, the snuffles, throbbing heavy headache and the annoying cough that wont budge.

Over the years I have trialed and tested many different things. Over the counter medication (which just leave me feeling groggy and irritable, essential oils, massage therapy... you name it.

These are my go to secrets from managing the change of season symptoms.

ESSENTIALS OILS: My go to is Eucalyptus, Clove & Peppermint. Using these via inhalation allows the particles of the oils to enter my respiratory system. Eucalyptus being a great to relieving any congestion.

Clove is a very strong mould killer as well as antibacterial & anti fungal

Peppermint assists in headache management, reducing pain treating colds & coughs.

STEAM INHALATION: This can be achieved through having a hot bath or shower without turning the fan on or placing a towel over your head as you breathe in the steam from hot water in a pot. (be mindful as the water must be hot to create the steam so please don't burn yourself. )

GET MOVING: As these symptoms can take its told on you and can make you feel very tired, get moving doesn't mean go and run a marathon. Simply just go for a gentle walk. This will get built up mucus moving.

COLD THERAPY (COLD SHOWER): More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of cold therapy. One of the main benefits is that it kicks the immune system into gear. The shock of the cold on the body allows the immune system to work harder. It reduces the inflammation response.

EAT ANTI-INFLAMMATION FOOD: Yes this is a big one! Often when we feel crappy we eat crappy food and wonder why we take so long to get over things... right? Dairy increases mucus, gluten and high starch foods, caffeine & sugar increase inflammation & put these foods together and you have a snotty, phlegmy miserable person. So eat well. Fresh fruits and veggies, smoothies and protein, after all we need to give our body the good stuff to heal well.

Well I hope that gives you some great ideas of how to manage those change of season symptoms.


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