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"Because it’s when we dream that we reset and heal."

Want a night full of sweet dreams? This is a flower essence blend to help you or your child unwind for a more peaceful night. Slows down racing thoughts and 'monkey mind' syndrome allowing you to relax and switch off. Can be used in the afternoon and again before bedtime and if any waking in the night occurs.

For Kids: Sometimes it's a struggle to get kids to 'calm down and unwind' at night, with so much activity and learning during the day, children don't know how to commence the process of relaxing at night as their brain is still switched on. Sweet Dreams drops will assist with relaxing and switching off prior to bedtime.

Works wonderfully in conjunction with using the Sweet Dreams Mist.

Emotional State: Busy Mind ۢ Overthinking ۢ Can't switch off mentally ۢ Trouble sleeping
Positive Outcomes: Relaxing ۢ Calming ۢ Peacefulness

Dosage for ages 2 and up - 7 drops twice daily and/or as needed.



Sweet Dream Drops

SKU: 1113275054561
  • Vibrational infusion of water and flowers: Brown Boronia, Hops Bush, Yellow Boronia, Golden Waitsia, Happy Wanderer, Australian neutral cane ethanol (trace amount as preservative).

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