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These stunning, modern & easy to use ultrasonic oil diffusers provide a safe, clean & effective way to use your essential oils. The method of vaporising essential oil through the ultrasonic diffuser protects the natural properties of the oil as no application of heat is applied.

White Stone Ultrasonic Diffuser

SKU: 9322907002408
    • 100ml Capacity
    • Suited for pure essential oils
    • Disperses a cool mist vapour
    • Intermittent mist function - 30sec ON/30sec OFF up to 7 hours
    • Continuous mist function- approx. 3 hours
    • Auto shut off at low water level 
    • Single LED light mode 
    • Operates as humidifer
    • No naked flame
    • Easy to clean & maintain
    • User manal included
    • One year guarantee
    • Eco-friendly & BPA free
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