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Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Hi there, Adele is my name; the founder, owner and therapist of The Holistic Nest

This blog is to tell you a little bit about myself and why I have such a great passion for what I do. I live in the small country town of Lameroo S.A. I am a mum, partner and entrepreneur. My daughter keeps me extremely busy when I’m not attending work related matters. I fell in love with massage therapy in my younger years. My mother booked a massage appointment for me to help with growing pains, female development, emotional support and sleep, it was then when I feel in love with the modality. Having a full understanding personally of the vast benefits of massage, it gives me the drive to share the healing modality with my community. Having worked & lived in some of the most remote parts of Australia on stations I know just how important it is to look after our mental and physical self when living in a remote area.

I moved to Lameroo in the year of 2018 to live with my partner and start my massage therapist journey. Be Balanced Massage has been in operation since early 2019, with my Diploma of Remedial Massage was completed in January 2020.

Having limited health care services in a small country town can make it very hard to meet your health needs without driving huge distances. It is a great experience and very rewarding having been given this opportunity to run my massage business here in Lameroo.

Not only do I provide a high standard of professional massage to the community, I also sell products that complement the modality. Products include heat packs, essential oils, natural rubs and naturopathic remedies. This gives clients the option to broaden their natural treatment process. Be Balanced Massage is evolving and growing every year to bring a wider range of modalities and products to clients.

During my sessions with clients, I take the time to understand the individual’s situation to best tailor the treatment to their needs. This not only gives the client the best benefits from the treatment but if also gives a level of understanding, care and time given to each client.

My mission is to create a space for community members that is welcoming, warming, relaxing and safe for clients to experience massage and alternative therapies. I guess at the end of the day, if I can encourage a client to start a healing journey through natural therapies then I am succeeding in my mission.

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