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Q&A with the woman herself; Julieanne Gommers

What is it about candles that influenced you to start making them? 'I love candles and the smell they leave my home, I also find that certain scents improve moods etc. I started making them as I was burning a lot and thought surely I could make some nice soya candles myself, once I started making them i realised how important it is to use good essential oils for scent and its evolved from there.'

What is the process of your candle making? 'I melt soya flakes gently, prepare my containers, mix my scent to the recipes I've made and once the scent is at the right temperature, I add the scent stirring gently and then pour the candles.'

Why create aromas that represent areas of South Australia? 'I am a very proud South Australian and I find certain scents remind me of the places I travel to and enjoy near home. I thought why not create scents based of SA as we have such a varied landscape and such beautiful locations, it was really easy. The hardest part is stopping myself from making more and more scents fo all the other locations I have thought of.'

What is your favourite aroma? 'My first candle I made was 'Middleton Beach' and it's a real favourite of mine as when I smell the scent it takes me to the beach, bare feet on the sand, wind blowing in my hair and that salty beach smell to fill your lungs.... it's incredibly relaxing to burn.'

Do you have a "life Quote" you live by? 'Have enough courage to start & enough heart to finish.'

AVAILABLE CANDLES: -Ngarkat Mallee -Mt Lofty Wildflower -Burra Creek Lotus Flower -Middleton Beach -Paringa Orchards -Kalangadoo Roses

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